13 June 2018

NHS North Kirklees CCG Governing Body meeting 

13 June 2018

10.30 am – 1.30 pm

Dewsbury Town Hall, WF12 8DG

Please find below the papers for the Governing Body meeting:

NK Governing Body Agenda Pack 13-06-18

North Kirklees CCG_Capacity and Capability review_report_20180423

Please note that paper copies of the Governing Body meeting papers will no longer be available at the meeting. If you would like a copy of the papers please email GH-NKCorporate.meetings@northkirkleesccg.nhs.ukor contact tel:  01924 504900.

There will be an opportunity at the meeting for the public to ask the Governing Bodies questions.  To find out more see Asking Questions at meetings of the Governing Bodies.  If you wish to submit your question in advance of the meeting, please send it to GH-NKCorporate.meetings@northkirkleesccg.nhs.uk.