Equality and diversity

Equality is about making sure everyone is treated fairly and given an equal chance to access opportunities.  It is not about treating everyone the same way.  People may require different things to achieve similar outcomes.

Diversity means ‘difference’.  When it is used in the same context as equality, it is about recognising and valuing individual as well as group differences.  It also means treating people as individuals and placing positive value on the diversity they bring as a result of them belonging to a certain personal protected characteristic or their cultural background.

To make sure everyone is able to get the best out of NHS services, we need to understand who our patients are and what their individual needs are so when they access treatment they get the right care and have the best possible experience.

We know health inequalities exist in North Kirklees and that some patients have different access, experience and outcomes when they use the NHS.  We want to reduce those differences and remove them entirely where possible.

Our approach to equality and diversity can be found in our Equality and Diversity Strategy here


Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty

Equality objectives

Equality Delivery System (EDS2)

Equality Impact Assessment

Kirklees Equality Health Panel 

Workforce Race Equality Scheme (WRES)

Accessible Information Standard for health and social care