Accessible Information Standard for health and social care

The ‘Accessible Information Standard’ establishes a framework so patients and service users (carers and parents) who have information or communication needs relating to a disability, impairment or sensory loss, receive accessible information and communication support when accessing NHS or adult social services.

To prepare for the AIS in 2016 the CCG:

  • developed briefings for providers, CCG staff and GP practices and briefing sessions undertaken.
  • carried out surveys with GP practices to understand the support they need to implement the standard and used the feedback to shape and develop bespoke resources
  • provided advice and guidance to health care organisations and their staff to implement the Standard and made contact to ensure they are making progress against the Standard
  • promoted and raised awareness of the Standard with healthcare organisations and CCG staff 

Ongoing work:

Updates on work relating to the Accessible Information Standard are provided throughout the year to the CCG Quality Committee.