Important information if you have flu or norovirus

As like many parts of England, there is currently a high prevalence of diarrhoea, vomiting and flu-like symptoms in our local community.

It is really important that if you, or someone you know, is suffering from symptoms that you help us, help you by taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and others.

Flu symptoms can come on very quickly and include a fever, exhaustion and an aching body. The best way to get better is to rest and sleep. Take paracetamol or ibroprofen to lower your temperature and treat aches and pains and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

More information about flu:

The norovirus, better known as the ‘winter vomiting bug’ is a stomach bug that causes vomiting and diarrhoea. You may also have a temperature, aching body and headache. It can be very unpleasant, but usually goes away in about two days.

To help ease your symptoms drink plenty of fluids, such as water or soup to avoid dehydration. If you find you have a dry mouth, or your urine is dark in colour you could be dehydrated. Special rehydration drinks bought from a pharmacist can help. Take paracetamol to lower your temperature and treat aches and pains, and get plenty of rest. If you feel like eating, eat plain foods, such as rice, pasta and bread

More information about norovirus:

Both flu and the norovirus are very infectious and easily spread to other people.

To reduce the risk of spreading these:

  • Wash your hands often with warm water and soap. A good hand washing technique lasts for two rounds of ‘Happy Birthday.’
  • Use tissues to trap germs when you cough or sneeze.
  • Bin used tissues as quickly as possible.
  • If you have norovirus, you must stay off school or work, and not return until you have had no symptoms for two consecutive days.
  • Avoid visiting people in hospitals or care homes until you have no symptoms.
  • Do not share towels.
  • Wash clothes and bedding in a hot wash to kill viruses.
  • Flush away any poo or vomit in the toilet and clean the surrounding area with a bleach-based household cleaner.

When to get medical advice?

You don’t normally need to see a GP with either flu or the norovirus as there is no specific treatment for it. You can get further advice and over the counter medicine from your local community pharmacist. Visiting your GP with symptoms can put others at risk.

If your symptoms are developing and you feel worse, or you are concerned for young children you should call NHS 111 or go to

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New Suicide Bereavement Service

A new service to support people bereaved or affected by suicide goes live on Monday (2 December) across West Yorkshire and Harrogate. The service is a response to the fact that people bereaved by suicide are more likely to suffer from severe depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, or even adopt suicidal behaviours themselves.

The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Suicide Bereavement Service will provide support through one to one peer support, peer support groups and advocacy.

The new service, an extension of the Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service, is central to West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership’s plan to improve bereavement support, while it works to reduce the numbers of suicides too.

Support on offer, which will enhance suicide bereavement support services across the region, will include practical advice and signposting to other much needed services, for example counselling or financial advice.

A number of workshops are running throughout December and are open to all, irrespective of a coroner’s conclusion. People will be able to self-refer to the service or be referred by other people such as funeral directors, police, coroners, or NHS staff across West Yorkshire and Harrogate.

Additional support will also be available to staff affected by suicide in the course of their duties; for example health, social care or emergency service staff. Help will also be available to people who have been bereaved historically yet feel they may benefit from peer led support.

Yorkshire and Humber has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership is driving a collaborative approach to reduce suicide and improve services. It is working towards reducing suicide by 10% across the region and by 75% in targeted areas.

Referrals can be made by visiting or by calling 0113 305 5800. Practitioners will be based in Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield and Leeds but meeting locations will be flexible. Support groups will begin in December at the following locations:

  • Kirklees group: Thursday, 5 December, 6pm-7.30pm at Support to Recovery – S2R CREATE SPACE, Brook Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1EB
  • Bradford group: Friday, 6 December, 6pm-8pm at Mind in Bradford – KenBurgh House, 28 Manor Row, Bradford BD1 4QU
  • Calderdale group: Wednesday, 18 December, 6-8pm at Halifax Fire Station, Skircoat Moor Road, King Cross, Halifax, HX1 3JF
  • Craven group: Wednesday, 18 December, 6-8pm at Settle Victoria Hall, Kirkgate, Settle, BD24 9DZ
  • Harrogate group: Monday, 9 December, 6pm-8pm at Mind in Harrogate – Acorn Centre, 101A Station Parade, Harrogate HG1 1HB
  • Wakefield group: Wednesday, 11 December, 6-8pm at Lightwaves Leisure Centre, Lower York St, Wakefield WF1 3LJ


People bereaved by Suicide in Leeds are able to access the linked Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service, funded by Leeds City Council. Referrals can be made by visiting or by calling 0113 305 5803. Leeds drop in group is first Tuesday of every month, Civic Hall in Leeds City Centre, 6-8pm.

Rob Webster, CEO Lead for West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership and CEO for South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: ‘As someone personally affected by suicide, I understand the impact it can have on individuals, families and other people too. This service will provide essential help to those facing one of the hardest issues to face. This is something that I hope becomes less needed as we reduce suicides through our other work to help more people’.



West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership focuses on the health and care needs of local people across Bradford District and Craven; Calderdale, Harrogate, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield. The partnership is made up of a number of organisations who work together to help 2.7 million people in the area including the NHS, councils, Healthwatch, voluntary and community organisations. You can find out more at

You can read our Suicide Prevention Strategy and the Annual Report here.

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Think Self Care for Life

Local NHS organisations are encouraging people to ‘Think Self Care for Life’ this self-care week by making small changes that can make a big difference to physical and mental wellbeing.

Follow these small steps to a healthier you:

  • Get active. Exercise for at least twenty minutes a day, it’s ideal if you can incorporate this into your day. Ditch the car, walk to work, take the stairs or even dance around the kitchen table to your favourite songs!
  • Eat well. Swap unhealthy snacks for healthier options such as nuts, seeds and fruit. Ask your pharmacist for advice on managing your weight.
  • Make positive changes! Take steps to stop those bad habits that don’t serve you well. This Self Care Week make a plan to stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake or get active! Your pharmacist can help with lifestyle changes such as weight management and stop smoking.
  • A good’s night’s sleep is as essential to our health and wellbeing as eating healthily and exercising so, make sure you get the recommended 7-8 hours a night!
  • Stop! Busy lives mean we sometimes forget to slow down and stop.  Find time in your day to just quieten your mind. Mindfulness or yoga might be helpful.

Dr Steve Ollerton, local GP and Chair of NHS Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: ‘’It’s never too early, or too late, to think about protecting your health. Often, one small change will make a big difference to your wellbeing.

“For instance, choosing to become more active will not only improve your physical health, it will also boost your mood, particularly if you choose to exercise outdoors in the fresh air.”

Dr David Kelly, local GP and Chair of NHS North Kirklees CCG adds: “Thinking self-care for life is also about safely managing long term conditions and, understanding how to self-treat common conditions, such as coughs, colds and sore throats. Pharmacists can offer clinical advice and over the counter medicines for a range of minor illnesses as well as lifestyle advice.”

During Self Care Week, and everyday choose Self Care for Life and make self-care your life-long habit.

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Join the fight against antibiotic resistance

NHS organisations in Kirklees are encouraging local people to join them in tackling antibiotic resistance by following the advice of their doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

NHS Greater Huddersfield and NHS North Kirklees CCGs are supporting the national campaign from Public Health England – “Keep Antibiotics Working”.  The campaign warns that taking antibiotics when you don’t need them puts you and your family at risk.

Dr David Kelly, local GP and Chair of NHS North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: “Taking antibiotics encourages harmful bacteria that live inside you to become resistant, meaning antibiotics may not work when you really need them. Taking antibiotics for everyday viral infections, such as colds or flu, are not effective. Antibiotics are essential to treat serious bacterial infections such as pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis.”

As antibiotic resistance increases, common procedures such as caesarean sections and hip replacements could become life-threatening without antibiotics to ward off infections. Cancer patients are also much more vulnerable if antibiotics don’t work; both cancer and the treatment (chemotherapy) reduce the ability of the immune system to fight infections and antibiotics are critical to both prevent and treat infections in these patients.

Dr Steve Ollerton local GP and Chair of NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG said: “To help prevent antibiotic resistance, antibiotics should only be taken as prescribed and never saved for later, or shared with others.  It’s important that, when it comes to antibiotics, you always take your doctor, nurse or pharmacist’s advice.”

Community pharmacies are a good place to start for advice and treatment for minor health conditions such as coughs, colds and aches and pains and you don’t need an appointment to speak to the pharmacist.

For further information on antibiotic resistance visit

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Adult mental health workshop for service users and carers- Postponed until 2020

Unfortunately we have to postpone our workshop on Friday 15 November at Huddersfield Town Hall.

This is because during a General Election period specific restrictions are placed on the use of public resources and the activities that public bodies are involved with.

The workshop will be re-arranged for later in the New Year and we will share details once this is confirmed.  Information about the event will be available on the event page of our website:

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We’re moving …

NHS Greater Huddersfield and NHS North Kirklees CCGs are moving to new, shared premises in Huddersfield town centre at the end of the month.

The CCGs have been working closely together for some years and share a Chief Officer and senior management team.   Moving to a single HQ is the next logical step. The relocation will deliver financial savings in the region of £100,000 across both organisations.

Around 190 staff will be moving from existing bases in Empire House, Dewsbury and Broad Lea House Huddersfield, when leases on existing premises come to an end. Some staff will be based in Kirklees Council offices to support more integrated working between local health and social care organisations.

We remain committed to working closely with the local communities we serve and will continue to hold our Governing Body meetings and public engagement events at venues across Kirklees.  Staff will also be able to work from a number of ‘hubs’ across the area.

The move will be completed during week commencing 9 December 2019.

Our new address is:

2nd Floor
Norwich Union House
Market Street

Further information and contact details will be published on our website in due course.

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Four providers awarded Termination of Pregnancy contract for Kirklees

NHS Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS North Kirklees CCG have announced a joint commissioning decision for the Termination of Pregnancy service.

Following a process using the Any Qualified Provider (AQP)* approach, four providers have been accredited and awarded a contract to provide the Termination of Pregnancy service for the population of Kirklees from 1 November 2019.

This ensures that there is an increase in choice for patients and that there is a consistent approach across Kirklees.

Helen Severns, Service Director for Integrated Commissioning for the two CCGs said: “Until now women have only been able to access the service with providers commissioned by their local CCG.

“Commissioning a service together, and through the AQP route, means patients now have greater choice and easier access to services across Kirklees, or out of the area if they wish, resulting in more timely assessments, follow ups and convenience for patients. All providers will work to the same service specification and quality standards.”

Three providers awarded the contract have already been providing the service in either Greater Huddersfield or North Kirklees; Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, Marie Stopes and The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS).

The fourth provider is National Unplanned Pregnancy Advisory Service (NUPAS).

Under the new arrangements at the time of referral, health professionals will offer a woman the choice of providers that can meet her needs. Providers will also offer women sexual health advice, including contraception.


*Any provider who can demonstrate they are compliant and competent against the specified criteria in the tender documents are eligible to apply for an AQP contract.

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Take 40 seconds of action to prevent a suicide

Health commissioners in Kirklees are calling on local people to take 40 seconds of action this World Mental Health Day.

Every year close to 800,000 people globally take their own life, about one person, every 40 seconds.

Suicide is the biggest killer of people under the age of 35 and the biggest killer of men under the age of 50, tearing families apart and leaving a devastating, lasting impact on many people’s lives.

NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG and NHS North Kirklees CCG are supporting the World Health Organisation’s campaign encouraging people to start a 40 second conversation about how they are feeling.

Dr David Kelly, local GP and Chair of NHS North Kirklees CCG said: “We know that many suicides are preventable. Starting a conversation with a family member, friend or colleague can make a huge difference to someone’s mental wellbeing. If you are worried about someone, or struggling yourself, please talk.”

Dr Steve Ollerton, local GP and Chair of NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG added: “You’re not expected to have answers, just listening can help. There are a number of organisations in Kirklees you can contact for support; if you’re looking for someone to talk to or a support group, Samaritans, Andys Man Club or Well-Bean Cafe. If you are struggling with low mood, stress or anxiety, contact the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service. If you have any immediate concerns that you or someone you know is in need of urgent support you should always contact 999”.

Early this year the CCGs commissioned an out of hours ‘safe space’ crisis café in Huddersfield and Dewsbury, with voluntary and community sector providers. This is led by the mental health charity Touchstone. The Well-Bean cafe provides a safe space, one to one support and practical advice for people experiencing a mental health crisis as an alternative to going to hospital.

Around 40 members of staff to date, who work for the CCGs, have completed suicide prevention training, giving them the confidence to start a difficult conversation with loved ones, friends or colleagues.

Vicky Dutchburn, Head of Planning, Performance and Service Delivery for the CCGs said: “We think everyone should have some basic training on suicide awareness, just like CPR or first aid. We’re really pleased our workforce recognises that everyone can make a difference and so many have completed the training.”

People are being encouraged to share their advice for 40 seconds of action on World Mental Health Day, Thursday 10 October on social media using #40seconds and #WorldMentalHealthDay. 


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‘Every Mind Matters’ Campaign Launch

We don’t need to wait until we are struggling with our mental health; there are lots of things we can do to protect ourselves and prevent problems escalating, just as we do with our physical health.

The new Every Mind Matters campaign encourages adults to be more aware of their mental health and helps them to discover simple steps to look after their mental health and wellbeing.

Every Mind Matters offers a range of useful resources that help spot the signs of common mental health concerns, provides practical self-care tips and guidance and, importantly, explains when to seek further support.

It also has a free NHS-approved online tool on the Every Mind Matters website, which helps people build an action plan to deal with stress and anxiety, boost their mood, improve their sleep and help them feel more in control.

To learn more about how to look after your mental health and create your own action plan, click the Every Mind Matters link below/ visit:

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‘Healthy Hearts’ project sees early improvement in blood pressure

A West Yorkshire project designed to reduce the number of strokes and heart attacks across the region has resulted in nearly 1,000 more patients having their blood pressure controlled.

The West Yorkshire and Harrogate’s Healthy Hearts project aims to reduce the number of people affected by heart disease across West Yorkshire and Harrogate by 10% by 2021, resulting in 1,100 fewer incidents such as heart attacks and strokes.

High blood pressure is common, affecting at least one quarter of adults in the UK. It often has no symptoms, but when found, is one of the most preventable causes of early death.  According to studies, lowering blood pressure can reduce the risk of major cardiovascular disease events such as coronary heart disease, and heart failure.

Dr Youssef Beaini, Clinical Lead for the project said: “We have been working with local GPs to help identify patients with undiagnosed high blood pressure and improve their treatment. We are really encouraged by the early result we are seeing and that is all down to the hard work of GPs and nurses on the front line.

“If you have high blood pressure, your heart has to work harder to pump blood around your body. This means that you may be at risk of a heart attack or a stroke. You may also be at risk of damage to the blood vessels in your kidneys or eyes. The higher your blood pressure is, the greater your risk becomes.

“We know we have a long way to go and estimate that there are over 40,000 patients across the region, that we still need to tackle. If we do, we believe that we can prevent around 700 heart attacks and strokes across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, saving the NHS approximately £8m.”

Dr Steve Ollerton, Healthy Hearts Clinical Lead for NHS Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees CCGs added: “If you don’t already know your blood pressure, it’s worth getting checked out.  Many community pharmacists offer free blood pressure checks or you can visit your GP surgery. High blood pressure can be controlled and there are lots of things that we can all do to reduce the risks that lead to heart attacks and strokes. It’s never too late to make changes to your lifestyle and start looking after your heart.”

For more information about how you can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke visit

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