Controlled Drugs (CDs)

What is a controlled drug?

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 defines Controlled Drugs (CDs) as drugs which are ‘dangerous or otherwise harmful’ and have the potential for abuse or misuse.  To protect patients and the public, stringent safeguards are put in place to control the availability of these drugs.

Many CDs have ligitimate medical uses.  The laws that regulate medicinal CD use should never interfere with a patient receiving the most appropriate treatment.

Who can prescribe a controlled drug?

Doctors and Dentists are allowed to prescribe and administer a wide range of CDs.  Independent Nurse Prescribers can prescribe some CDs for certain conditions.  Pharmacist Prescribers and Supplementary Nurse Prescribers can prescribe a wide range of CDs under a Clinical Management Plan.  Midwives may also administer a limited range of CDs to women in the course of childbirth.

Who is the Accountable Officer for Controlled Drugs in NHS North Kirklees?

Gazala Khan is the Accountable Officer (AO) for controlled drugs in West Yorkshire.

Gazala is the key contact for Controlled Drugs issues (including CD destruction). Practices and community pharmacies should contact Gazala about any CD issues on: 0113 8251857 or email her at:

Who is the West Yorkshire Police Controlled Drug Liaison Officer

The West Yorkshire Police Controlled Drug Liaison Officer contact is Nicola Brookes:


Controlled Drugs Organisational Policy


Appendix E – Part 1 Annual Declaration (for use practices / organisations)

Appendix E – Part 1 Annual Declaration (for use by individual GPs)

Appendix E – Part 1 Annual Declaration (for use by Dental Practitioners)


Appendix E Part 2 Annual CD Declaration





Appendix_I_CKWLIN_Information Sharing Agreement



Controlled Drug Resources

New Controlled Drug resources have been made available by the NPC.  These take the form of Five Minute Guides.  The NPC Five Minute Guides introduce a topic in a way that will be quick and easy to understand.  The topics currently available within the Controlled Drug area of the NPC websire are:

GP Practices – Ordering and collection of Controlled Drugs (CDs)

GP Practices – Receipt and Register

GP Practices – Storage of CDs

GP Practices – Prescribing of Controlled Drugs

GP Practices – CD Governance