A chance to see the CCG in action

We’re holding our first evening Governing Body meeting tomorrow night (October 2nd) at Batley Town Hall – starting at 5.45pm until 8.45pm. This is part of our commitment to be an open and transparent organisation, and in response to calls for us to meet outside normal working hours.

This will be a business meeting held in public and you can see the agenda and meeting papers on our website. As always, we’ll take questions from members of the public at the beginning of the meeting and again at the end. We’ll do our best to give an immediate answer but if we can’t, we’ll take details and get back to people with a full response later.

We’d ask anyone attending to understand that this isn’t a public meeting where people can ask questions at any point, it’s a meeting where you can see the CCG in action rather than tackle us on a single issue. Once we start on the agenda, we’ll be concentrating on the decisions we need to make to develop our policies, strategies, work plans and manage our finances.

Please come along if you’re interested in learning more about the CCG and its role and responsibilities but bear in mind that everyone around the table will have done a full day at work … so we may not be at our sparkling best by the end of the meeting!

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