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The new Our Street magazine that has just been launched across North Kirklees.Our Street Magazine launch - Jan 2015

The Our Street magazine is part of a wider, innovative campaign to help people understand health care changes in North Kirklees and Wakefield, following on from the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals public consultation in 2013.  By visiting the Our Street website you are able to watch both animations and real life patient videos that show how services are becoming more responsive to people’s individual needs.

There are many changes taking place in health and social care services and it is always a challenge to explain what this is going to mean for everyone.  The Our Street programme has been designed specifically for the people of North Kirklees and Wakefield and uses animated characters and real patients to help explain how services are improving and what patients and carers can expect in the future.

The magazine includes stories explaining how people with continuing health care needs will be looked after closer to home, and how changes to urgent care are already providing a faster response to patients.

The magazines will be available from your GP practice, local Pharmacist and some public service organisations – so look out for copies. You can also get your own copy by contacting NHS North Kirklees, Telephone: 01924 504900 or Email:

Check out the latest on Our Street by visiting the website

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