Meeting The Challenge – what now?

Last week a joint meeting of the Governing Bodies for NHS North Kirklees and NHW Wakefield CCGs chose to support the plans to change the way hospital services are delivered across Mid Yorkshire. If you want to see the detail have a look at the Meeting the Challenge website.

Very briefly, the decision paves the way for acute and emergency services to be centred at Pinderfields Hospital, but many other services and clinics will be offered at Dewsbury and District Hospital meaning the majority of patients will get their treatment and follow-ups after surgery locally.  In fact, our expectation is that we will see more outpatient clinics repatriated to Dewsbury Hospital so that more people will have services delivered locally. t will be a gradual process and we won’t complete the changes until 2017.

The NHS NK Governing Body believes the changes will secure a vibrant future for our local hospital, the safest and best health results for local people and, most importantly, a model of delivering NHS services that is affordable now and in future.

We were always clear that doing nothing wasn’t an option.  We need to balance the health needs of our  changing population with clinical advice about how services should be configured for safe and optimum care  and all within the constraints of the financial challenges of  our economy.   –So, we listened carefully to all the feedback during the three month consultation and negotiated  changes to the original proposals so we were sure they would deliver the best possible care and results for local people.

Across the UK, the NHS is changing from a hospital centred service to a community based service meaning hospitals will become a last resort where only the most poorly people are treated or operated on. 

Community-based services will focus on keeping people as well as they can be and offering treatment and support in their own communities for as long as possible. This is the real challenge. As commissioners we have to change the way health services are delivered and that will include much closer partnerships with the organisations which deliver elements of care.

Our ambition is to make sure the people of North Kirklees have seamless, high quality services regardless of provider. It’s a huge agenda, but we’re excited by the possibilities and believe we can make a real positive difference.

We have promised to be open and transparent organisation and will make information about our work and decisions widely available through our website, social media and community activity. You can get in touch with us at any time via the website and ask questions about our work in person or by email at our monthly Governing Body meetings.

Keep watching – change is already happening and there’s more to come.

Written by Chris Dowse, Chief Officer.

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