New renal clinics deliver care closer to home

I would like to let you know about some exciting developments that are happening to services for renal patients across North Kirklees which means they are now getting their care closer to home at three new consultant-led clinics across the patch – the first stage of a major overhaul of services. We have been working closely with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, who provides this service, to move outpatient services away from hospital and into the community. The new clinics will provide ongoing checks and care for the area’s 236 renal patients except those needing dialysis or living with a transplanted kidney who will continue to be treated at Dewsbury and District Hospital. You can read more about these exciting developments here.

A second phase of the service transformation will include the appointment of a renal nurse practitioner to support patients and also training for GPs and practice nurses which should lead to better identification and early treatment of people who have undiagnosed renal disease. Clinicians will also be able to seek specialist advice more quickly and therefore avoid unnecessary referrals.

I’m sure that you’ll agree that this is great news as one of the CCG’s key aims is to deliver as much care as possible at, or closer to, people’s homes, making services more accessible and convenient for all.

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