Open All Hours?

We’re working with Healthwatch Kirklees to look at how we can offer GP appointments in a way that best meet  patient needs.  The NHS is a complex organisation and finding a way forward is not as simple as it seems, and many of you will be surprised to hear that GPs are contractors rather than part of the NHS.

I came across an article in the Yorkshire Post, written by a Practice Nurse, which neatly sets out all the issues. It’s well worth a read.

If you’ve got a view on this please get in touch via this website.

Meanwhile GPs, as well as many patients, were alarmed by proposals to extract anonymised patient health information from electronic health records through a scheme called Although the intention was that the information would be used for research and care planning, it would also have been possible for private companies to buy that information.

We’ve just learned that NHS England has shelved the proposals until at least next year and has committed to run a public information campaign to explain to patients. We’ll keep you informed.

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