Working together to ease A&E pressures

Winter is upon us and lots of activity is continuing to take place to try to ease pressures in our local A&E departments.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust are working with partner organisations in the primary, community and social care sectors to deliver a high standard of patient care.

It is important that people remember the most appropriate NHS services for them, if they feel under the weather or have an emergency.

Anyone needing advice and treatment for non-emergencies should consider options such as contacting a local pharmacist or GP surgery or a call to NHS 111. In addition, the NHS website website provides helpful information and advice on many common conditions, treatments and local services.

By looking at these options first and leaving 999 and A&E only for the most serious illness and emergencies, people can often get care closer to their homes and avoid an unnecessary visit to hospital. By doing this, it frees A&E to look after serious cases and save lives.

The NHS website contains information from the NHS on conditions, treatments, local services and healthy living and can be accessed at

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