Disclosure Log – August 2018

104FOI18.19 NHS Continuing Healthcare

105FOI18.19 ICT expenditure

108FOI18.19 Appendix 1

109FOI18.19 Wound Care Formulary Supply Route

110FOI18.19 List of treatments not routinely commissioned and IFR

111FOI18.19 Water and waste water provision

112FOI18.19 Contingency plans for Brexit

114FOI18.19 Spend on all mental health, learning disability and dementia services

115FOI18.19 Commissioning services for diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders

116FOI18.19 IVF Fundingg

117FOI18.19 Telecoms information

118FOI18.19 Continuing Healthcare Fast Track

119FOI18.19 Facial Palsy

120FOI18.19 Overall Financial Spend

122FOI18.19 Referral Management Service

123FOI18.19 Learning Disability(LD) Services

124FOI18.19 Community Dermatology Service

125FOI18.19 Locally commissioned services in general practice

126FOI18.19 Continuing Healthcare Process Management

127FOI18.19 IT spend

128FOI18.19 GP Forward view 10 HIA from NHSE

129FOI18.19 Direct booking of GP appointments from NHS 111

130FOI18.19 Policy on Sterilisation and Morning after pill

131FOI18.19 Blood glucose meterstest strips

132FOI18.19 Criteria for bariatric surgery (tier 4 weight management) and hernia repair

133FOI18.19 Mental Health Funding and Commissioning

134FOI18.19 CCG Spending Programme

135FOI18.19 NHS Wheelchair services

136FOI18.19 Copy of the tender submission from thebigword