Disclosure Log – July 2018

066FOI18.19 6 in 1 vaccine

067FOI18.19 IVF, ICSI and FET cycles

068FOI18.19 Mental Health Psychological Therapies

069FOI18.19 Expenditure on public engagement activity

070FOI18.19 Urgent Treatment Centres

071FOI18.19 A&E GP streaming services

072FOI18.19 GP Extended Access Hubs

073FOI18.19 IAPT services

074FOI18.19 Correspondence with tobacco companies

075FOI18.19 Extended Access to routine GP appointments

076FOI18.19 CAMHS referrals from schools

077FOI18.19 Ketone Test Strips

079FOI18.19 Interview scoring sheets for candidates and panel members for the role of Transformation Project Manager in North Kirklees CCG

081FOI18.19 Venous Thromboembolism

084FOI18.19 Correspondence with Babylon Healthcare, Babylon Partners and GP at Hand

085FOI18.19 Expenditure GPs, Federation

086FOI18.19 IVF

087FOI18.19 Butec

088FOI18.19 Pharmacy payment data

089FOI18.19 Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

090FOI18.19 IFR spinal surgery

091FOI18.19 Contact information for all Urgent Care Centres, Minor Injury Units, and Urgent Treatment Centres

092FOI18.19 Tattoo Removal

093FOI18.19 Long term stress leave

094FOI18.19 CAMHS Referrals

096FOI18.19 Total amount your CCG spent on all mental health services

097FOI18.19 Electronic Assessment CHC

098FOI18.19 Full responsibilities of the head of continuing healthcare

099FOI18.19 Wheelchair service details

100FOI18.19 Detained under the Mental Health Act locked rehab

102FOI18.19 Waiting times for mental health treatment

103FOI18.19 Spend on Interim executives and spend under £35000