Drug Policies

Area Prescribing Committee Guidelines

The South West Yorkshire Area Prescribing Committee covers Calderdale CCG, Greater Huddersfield CCG, North Kirklees CCG, Wakefield CCG, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust.

The following formularies and guidelines are available on the APC website and can be accessed via this link http://www.swyapc.org/

Red, Amber, Green, and Black lists 
Classification definitions, Individual Drug Listing
Shared Care Guidelines
Grey List


NICE Technology Appraisal Commissioning Statements

The two links below set out the North Kirklees commissioning position for all NICE technology appraisals:

NICE TA compliance TA1 – TA539 and NICE TA compliance TA 540 onwards (following the formation of the NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG and NHS North Kirklees CCG Quality Committees (committees in common))

Long Term Pain Medicine Management Guidance (Chronic Pain)

The aim of the Long Term Pain Medicine Management guidance is to increase primary care practitioner’s confidence in the management of long term chronic pain, to improve chronic pain relief and help patients live confidently with long term chronic pain.  The guidance focuses on medicines for neuropathic pain and opioid medicines and provides a range of clinical and patient self management resources.

Neuropathic pain algorithm and documents

Patient information resources:

Tools for diagnosis and review:

Opioid guidelines long term pain and documents

Tools for diagnosis and review:

Additional resources:

Diabetes Blood Glucose Testing

Flash Glucose Monitoring – Update May 2019

We are currently working with diabetes specialists in West Yorkshire and Harrogate to update our policies on flash glucose monitoring, following the publication of new guidance from NHS England, and agree a single policy for all nine clinical commissioning groups.

Until a single policy has been agreed the 7 CCGs of the South West Yorkshire Area Prescribing Committee will start to implement the NHS England guidance  “Flash Glucose Monitoring: National Arrangements for Funding of Relevant Diabetes Patients.”  The Diabetes Specialist Teams in local areas will be responsible for assessing whether patients meet the criteria in this guidance, starting flash glucose monitoring and ongoing review.  The continued  supply of the flash glucose monitoring sensors will transfer to the patients GP practice.


This section also includes: –

Dietary Products Guidelines
This section includes: –

Respiratory Guidelines
This section includes the Asthma and COPD guidelines:




Allergy/Anaphylaxis Care Plans

Medicines Management Guidance

Patient Information Leaflets