Falls prevention

Falls preventionOlder people are much more likely to experience serious injury and death from falls. As we get older there are a range of factors that increase the risk of falling, such as loss of muscle strength and the side effects of medicines.

What can you do?

  • Exercise regularly to improve your balance and strength.
  • Get your eyesight and hearing checked regularly.
  • Look after your feet, wear well-fitted footwear and report any problems to your GP or chiropodist.
  • Certain medicines can make you feel faint or dizzy so talk to your GP or pharmacist if you think your medication may be affecting you in this way.
  • Keep your bones healthy by getting into the sunshine to boost your Vitamin D.
  • Eat a diet rich in calcium from dairy foods, fortified soya products or canned fish for example.
  • Make sure your home is hazard-free and well-lit.
  • If you’ve had a fall, or are worried about falling, talk to your GP who will help you regain your confidence.

Age UK has a useful guide ‘Staying Steady’ which you can download from their website.