Get involved

Your views count

Your views really matter to us.  That’s why we’ve developed a range of ways for you to have your say about health services in North Kirklees.

By listening to local people and those who represent them, we can improve the decisions we make and make sure we are meeting the health needs of North Kirklees residents. Public and patient involvement and experience feeds into our organisation and is used to influence our commissioning decisions. Your views really matter to us. The feedback we receive will contribute to the further improvement of local healthcare services and we make sure our engagement is embedded in our commissioning arrangements.

Accessibility to our website and our engagement activities:  we have taken steps to make sure that this website and its content is accessible and easy to use.  Our publications can be made available in alternative formats such as audio, braille or different languages, on request.

We also make sure that our engagement activities are accessible too. Please see our accessibility page for more details. Email  or call 01924 504900 for more information.

Our communication and engagement strategy

Our work is supported by a Communications and Engagement Strategy.  The strategy outlines the principles by which we engage and communicate with local people.  It also explains our equality duties and looks at how we make sure that communications and engagement activity is inclusive and reaches out those who are most vulnerable.

You can also look at our constitution to see how engagement fits within the work of the CCG and the arrangement we have made to ensure we meet our legal responsibilities.

Engagement and consultation

Throughout the year, we run a number of activities designed to include local people in the decision-making process and have their say about future services.   You’ll find details of all ongoing engagement  and consultation activities, as well as information about previous work, here.

Working with our community and voluntary sector

We are committed to working closely with third sector organisations that can support our engagement and consultation activities and help us reach out to a broader and more diverse range of people.   We work with community organisations on specific engagement projects, encourage them to help us share important public health messages, and meet with them regularly through our public engagement events.

We are also working with Greater Huddersfield CCG to recruit and train Community Voices. Community Voices are individuals working in the voluntary and community sector who are trained to engage with the local population on our behalf. By working with volunteers in this way the response to our conversations has strengthened and increased, particularly among seldom heard groups. You can find out more about the ‘Community Voices’ programme here.

Working with local charity PCAN (Parents of Children with Additional Needs), we engaged with service users and carers across Calderdale and Kirklees to design a new wheelchair service model. Find out more here.

Supporting people to have a voice

Adults with learning disabilities face significant barriers to involvement. VAC, in partnership with Greater Huddersfield CCG, provided training for individuals to develop this voice. Support organisations will also receive the training via the Transforming Care Partnership to enable them to become ‘Community Voices’. This two pronged approach will support organisations and individuals to engage in meaningful conversations on NHS services. In this short film, Andrea explains how the training she received has given her a voice.

Here are the ways you can get involved:

‘Your health, your say’ network

If you want to receive regular information about the work of NHS North Kirklees CCG including invitations to public engagement events and a copy of our quarterly e-bulletin, sign up to our network.  Simply send your email details to

Patient Reference Group

Many GP practices in North Kirklees have an active patient reference group.  These groups are designed to give you the opportunity to contribute to the continuing improvement of your practice.

To find out more about your local patient reference group, please contact the practice manager.  You’ll find a list of all our member practices and contact details here.

Patient reference group network

The CCG runs a patient reference group network, where practice representatives come together to discuss issues that matter to them and provide input into the commissioning process.  The group meets up quarterly and is chaired by the lay member of our Governing Body with responsibility for public and patient involvement.  The network encourages a two-way sharing of information between patients, practice reference groups and the CCG. Find out more here.

Patient engagement assurance group 

This group helps to make sure that the CCG involves patients, carers and members of the public when it plans, develops and purchases (commissions) health services, or in some cases, discontinues services.  Find out more about their work here.

Kirklees Equality Health Panel

Our Equality Health Panel provides an opportunity, quarterly, for protected groups and their representatives to share their views, information and feedback with the CCG and our providers to promote equality in the Kirklees healthcare system.  Further information about the Panel can be found in the Equality and Diversity section of the website.

NHS challenge

Voluntary, community or other interest groups are invited to play the ‘NHS Challenge’ game.  This fun but thought provoking board game puts you in charge of the local  NHS budget and gives you the responsibility of making decisions on behalf of local patients!  The game takes about an hour to complete and we’ll come along to introduce and facilitate the discussion. For more information or to book a session contact: or call 01924 504952.

Quarterly bulletin

We produce a written bulletin every quarter to update you on the work that we are doing and to let you know of any engagement opportunities coming up.  Find out more and sign up to receive our bulletin here.

Public events

We hold public events throughout the year. They are  normally open to all and include the opportunity to find out more about the work of the CCG, meet staff, and have your say. Copies of the reports from these events can be found here.

Governing Body meetings

Our Governing Body meetings are held in public.  We open each meetings with a patient story, which provides Governing Body members with the opportunity to hear about the experiences of our patients, their carers or the staff who support them.   During each meeting there is also an opportunity for members of the public to ask question.   Come along and listen to the discussion and find out more about what we do.  You’ll find dates of meetings and further information here.


Healthwatch provides a way for local people to communicate, challenge and shape the decisions of commissioners and service providers in health and social care.     Healthwatch Kirklees also helps us to learn more about patient experiences of local services and they often support our work by gathering views on service change proposals.

We asked Healthwatch Kirklees to help us find out how services in care homes could be improved.  They visited 12 care homes to talk to residents, carers and staff and encourage the completion of a survey.  They also developed an animation to explain proposed changes, which can be viewed here.  You can read more about this work here.