Adult hearing services in North Kirklees

The contract for adult hearing services provided by Specsavers and Novus Health is due to end on the 31st March 2016. To help us plan for the development of the new service we wanted to know what the users of the service and GPs wanted. To do this, the CCG, embarked on engagement over a seven week period, from 20th July – 7 th September 2015.

Two surveys were designed, one for patients and one for GPs. The patient survey was circulated via our existing engagement and communication mechanisms, and with the support of Healthwatch Kirklees, Kirklees Sensory Services, Specsavers and Novus Health, the survey was circulated to people that had either previously participated in engagement on hearing services or were currently using the service. The GP survey was distributed to GPs at the Primary Care summit and via email. Existing data was also collated and analysed to form part of the engagement process.

The findings from the survey can be found in this report. Your feedback has been used to help us develop Adult Hearing Services in North Kirklees.

What you said and what we did:

What you said  What we did
Care to be provided in people’s homes where needed, including care homes This is being requested of all future providers
Information needs to be sent earlier in advance of appointments Patients will now receive information 5 days in advance of appointments
More electronic communication between the service and GP’s Future providers will need to be able to communicate electronically with GP’s
Providers making clear to practices what the excluding criteria are All GP’s will be made aware what the excluding criteria are
Improved information on what other supporting services are available Future providers will be asked to work together to create an information pack for patients
More support for people who may lack capacity Included within the service specification
Replacement hearing aids should be provided in a timely way Future providers will need to report on how   quickly hearing aids are replaced.