Musculoskeletal (MSK) community services in North Kirklees engagement

To help us plan for the future, NHS North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) needed to understand more about people’s views on proposals for community MSK services. To do this, the CCG, embarked on engagement over a six week period, from 9 November – 18 December 2015. The engagement was designed to capture the views of patients, voluntary and community groups and key stakeholders.

A survey was designed to gain feedback on the proposals for community MSK services. The survey was circulated via our existing engagement and communication mechanisms. In addition to these mechanisms, Locala handed out surveys to patients attending the community MSK clinics at Dewsbury Health Centre. To improve response rates, the engagement team also attended the clinics to encourage patients to complete the survey, and distributed surveys at the quarterly public engagement event held in December. We also discussed it with the North Kirklees Patient Reference Group Network. Existing data was also collated and analysed to form part of the engagement process. The findings from this survey can be found in this report. Your feedback has been used to help us develop a model of care for MSK community services.