Community Voices

The CCG needs to make sure that plans for local health services are discussed with those who may be affected – and that’s where Community Voices can help.

Community Voices are individuals working in the voluntary and community sector who are trained to engage with the local population on our behalf. By working with volunteers in this way the response to our conversations has strengthened and increased, particularly among seldom heard groups.

We already have 77 individuals representing 48 organisations who support conversations about healthcare services with residents, and we are working in partnership with VAC to recruit and train even more.

VAC is a charity that provides services for local voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations working around health and local communities. Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group in partnership with North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group has a  grant funded a project for one year for VAC to further support local VCSE organisations in the Kirklees area by:

  • Delivering training sessions for local VCSE organisations to give them the skills and knowledge required to carry out effective engagement and consultation activities on behalf of the CCG.
  • Providing a comprehensive package of support to local VCSE organisations which covers all aspects of organisational set up and development. This will help organisations improve their service delivery and sustainability.
  • Implementing ‘Quality For Health’, VAC’s unique quality assurance system for the VCSE sector delivering health services. It is designed to help organisations evidence the quality of the health services they deliver and show how these services make a real difference to their service users.

If you’d like to know more about Community Voices, please email: 

In this video, hear from Johanna Hull from Parents of Children with Additional Needs (PCAN) as she talks about working with the CCG. This video was show at Greater Huddersfield’s AGM in 2018.
Community Voices talked to patients of the Whitehouse Practice to find out more about their needs and how services could be improved.

These dedicated volunteers give communities a louder voice and help to make sure that health services are developed in response to the needs of local people.

The practice cares for people who have difficulty accessing mainstream services, including those who are homeless or in emergency accommodation as well as refugees and asylum seekers. Jane Cullinane from Huddersfield Mission, one of the CCG’s Community Voices, was involved in this engagement and you can hear her thoughts in this short video.

In this short video, Rashad Bokhari from the Huddersfield Pakistani Community Alliance talks about how Community Voices seek views from the grassroots and feed them directly back to the CCG.