Patient reference groups (PRGs)

Patient reference groups (PRGs) have been set up by most local GP practices to give you the opportunity to contribute to the continuing improvement of your practice.

You will be able to engage with your local practice and support them in developing the services that they provide. For information on whether your GP practice has a group and how to join, please contact the practice directly. A list of member practices can be found here.

Find out more about the benefits of joining your practice PRG here.

Patient Reference Group Network

The CCG runs a Patient Reference Group Network (PRGN), where practice representatives come together to discuss issues that matter to them and provide input into the commissioning process. This group meets up quarterly and is chaired by a lay member of our Governing Body with responsibility for public and patient involvement.  The PRGN encourages a two-way sharing of information between patients, practice reference groups and the CCG. Terms of Reference for this group can be found here.