25 July 2013

This is a joint meeting held in public between NHS Wakefield and NHS North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Groups on at 12.30pm, Thursday 25th July at Ossett Town Hall.

Members of the public are welcome to attend to listen to the discussions.  For more information, please visit the Meeting the Challenge website here. 

Agenda for Joint Board meeting 25 July 13

Meeting the Challenge Clinical Services Strategy

Annex A Campaign Institute Sign Off

Annex B The Campaign Company Summary Report

Annex C Final Travel Report of Reformed TAG July 2013 – 11 07 13

Annex D TCC Report on the Deliberative Event

Annex E Appendix B

Annex E Appendix C

Annex E JARG Appendix A

Annex E JARG Appendix B second page

Annex E JARG Appendix D

Annex E JARG Appendix E

Annex E JARG Appendix F

Annex E JARG Appendix G

Annex E JARG final report

Annex F MYHT response

Annex G Summary of Services

Further meeting papers will be added here shortly