Making a Complaint

We take all complaints very seriously and wherever possible we use them to learn lessons, make changes and improve the services we commission.

Making sure we handle complaints appropriately is one way in which we can help to improve quality for people across the North Kirklees area.  Learning from complaints helps all the organisations involved in patient care to continually improve the services they provide and give the best experience for all their patients.

If you are unhappy with the service that you have received from an NHS service in North Kirklees and you want to make a complaint, please email our customer information and complaints officer at:

Or write to us at:

Customer Information and Complaints Officer
NHS North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group
2nd Floor, Norwich Union House
Market Street

Or call us on:

07970 991981 or 07970 992031

Please read our Frequently asked questions to find out more information about our complaints process. Our complaints framework can be found Complaints Framework.

We appreciate that NHS structures can be very confusing and it is not always easy to know who you should tell about your complaint.  Below is a guide to the various types of care provider and which organisations can manage those complaints.

 If you want to complain about the care or service provided by: You should contact :
Your GP GP practice / NHS England
Your dentist Dental practice / NHS England
Your optician Optician / NHS England
Your pharmacy Pharmacy / NHS England
Your local hospital Hospital / CCG
Your local mental health provider Mental health provider / CCG
The continuing health care team CCG
The individual funding request team CCG
Community services The community service / the provider of the service / the commissioner of the service
The local ambulance service The ambulance trust / CCG


Please note that we do not commission every health service you might use.  If your enquiry is about a GP practice, or registering with a dentist, an organisation called NHS England is responsible for commissioning those services. NHS England has set up a customer contact centre and you can contact them on or 0300 311 22 33.  More information can be found on the NHS England website


Continuing Health Care

North Kirklees CCG host the Continuing Health Care Service on behalf of Greater Huddersfield CCG and North Kirklees CCG. If you have a complaint regarding this service and live within the Greater Huddersfield area you should complain directly Greater Huddersfield CCG. If you live in the North Kirklees area please contact North Kirklees CCG at or visit for further information on how to make your complaint.