Individual funding request (IFR)

Our role is to plan and fund (commission) healthcare services for the people of North Kirklees. We have limited resources and therefore need to make the best use of our budget so that people living in our area can access the healthcare services they need.

In most cases, the CCG has agreements in place to fund healthcare. However, there may be times when a particular treatment or drug is not routinely available. This may be because they are:

  • new;
  • not covered within existing contracts; and
  • expensive or rare.

When a drug or treatment falls outside of the range of services or treatments that the CCG has agreed to fund, an individual funding request (IFR) can be made.

IFRs can only be initiated by a clinician, ie the GP, hospital consultant or dentist making a request for funding for a treatment.

The Process


The Screening Panel meetings are on a weekly basis. The Exceptional Case Committee meets every month.

More information

Evidence-Based Interventions: Response to the public consultation and next steps. Published by NHS England

Commissioning Policy for Individual Funding Requests

Operating Framework for Managing Individual Funding Requests

Access to Infertility Treatment Policy

NHS North Kirklees CCG- Wig Pathway and Advice

The Individual Funding Requests Referral Form is available here. The form should be completed by the referring clinician but includes a section to be completed by the patient.