Campaign encourages those with a persistent cough or breathlessness to go to their doctor

The current national Be Clear on Cancer campaign highlights symptoms of lung disease, including cancer, and heart disease, and encourages those with symptoms to go to their doctor.

You should visit your GP if you have a cough for three weeks or more.  If you get out of breath doing everyday things that you used to be able to do, like mowing the lawn, it is also really important to get medical advice.

While it may well be nothing serious, the campaign makes it clear that if you have either of these symptoms you should go to your doctor. Finding these conditions early makes them more treatable.

Dr David Kelly, local GP and Chair of NHS North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said:  “Don’t ignore your symptoms or put off a trip to the doctor. You won’t be wasting anyone’s time by getting them checked out.”

The campaign will be live until 16 October and will see adverts running on TV and radio, in magazines and online. There will also be roadshow events in shopping centres.

Dr Steve Ollerton, local GP and Clinical Leader, NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG added: “If you know anyone who has any of these symptoms, encourage them to see their doctor.  Breathlessness can also be a symptom of other conditions such as anxiety or anaemia.”

Cllr Viv Kendrick, Kirklees Council Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care said: “We’re supporting this campaign with the aim of raising awareness of the symptoms of lung cancer, other lung disease, and heart disease, and encouraging anyone with symptoms to visit their doctor. These diseases are the leading causes of death in England and earlier diagnosis has the potential to save lives and improve quality of life.”

For further information search ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ or visit . 


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