CCG reviews School House Practice Walk In Centre

NHS North Kirklees CCG is about to review the primary care Walk In Centre based at the School House Practice in Dewsbury.

The walk-in centre allows anyone to see a GP without the need for an appointment  on Monday – Friday between noon and 8pm and from 8am to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday . There is a similar walk in facility within Dewsbury and District Hospital.

The contract to deliver the service – currently held by Local Care Direct  – will end in 2014 and the review will look at how well the walk in centre meets local health needs. The information gathered will also feed into the Clinical Commissioning Group’s wider look at how urgent care is provided across the area.

The walk in centre review will examine:

  • What patient needs the walk-in centre has met
  • Where and how these needs can be best met in future

As well as gathering statistical information, past and current service users will be asked for their views through a survey so that the patient’s perspective is clearly understood. The survey is on the NHS North Kirklees website at and can also be completed by people who have never used the service if they want to give their views too.

Chair of NHS North Kirklees, Dr David Kelly, said: “ With the walk in centre contract coming to an end, it’s the right time to look at how the walk in centre is used; who is using it and what they think of the service,

“ The patient views and other information we gather will help us make longer term decisions about its effectiveness and role in urgent care services across North Kirklees ,” he added.

The walk in centre review runs until December 1 and NHS North Kirklees CCG expects to be able to make decisions about the walk in centre or alternatives in early 2014.

The registered GP practice within School House Surgery is commissioned by NHS England which is doing a separate review of the practice.

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