CCG takes stock of 100 days

NHS North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group has passed its first 100 days milestone and used it to take stock of what it has achieved since it was established on April 1.

It began life as the commissioner of local health services as one of just 43 CCGs which were fully authorised with no conditions and immediately launched the Meeting the Challenge consultation about the future of hospital services across Mid Yorkshire.

The CCG also drew up its ambitions for the future and published its Constitution, commissioning plans for care outside hospital and its prospectus on its website ( The CCG’s major drive is to bring more health care services into communities closer to people’s home; improve the quality of health care services and develop more ‘seamless’ services.

Chief Officer, Chris Dowse, said: “We want to make sure our population gets the right care, in the right place, at the right time starting with improved access to GPs through to a multi-disciplinary health and social care team which will deliver joined up services for the elderly, disabled and those with long term illnesses across North Kirklees and Wakefield.”

The CCG has already commissioned new services to benefit local patients:

  • Health checks in GP surgeries
  • 24 hour blood pressure monitoring through GP surgeries
  • Community dermatology
  • Local MRI and ultrasound scans
  • A new lymphodema service at Dewsbury and District Hospital
  • A specialist nurse to work with people who have Parkinson’s disease
  • A project to tackle sleeping pill addiction among long term users

Consultations are also underway on how best to provide GP services for people living in care homes and on verification of death when a person chooses to die at home.

The CCG also plans to harness the energy, enthusiasm and ‘know how’ of the third sector. It has held two large ‘get to know you’ gatherings with charity and voluntary groups working in the North Kirklees patch and explained how it wants to work with them to improve local health care.

Dr David Kelly, CCG Chair, added: “We don’t underestimate the challenges we face, but we feel we’ve made a good start and are clear about what we want to achieve. We want to keep people out of hospital by working with them to maintain and manage their health and to have the right range of health and social care services available locally when they are needed.”


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