Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends sessions are being held across Kirklees this week, in support of Dementia Awareness Week. The session lasts an hour, is open to all and could change the life of a person with Dementia.

The Dementia Friends sessions are run by volunteer Dementia Friends Champions (trained and supported by the Alzheimer’s Society) and provide more information about what dementia is and how it affects those who have it, and what you can do to help create dementia friendly communities. After the Dementia Friends Information Session, there is an opportunity to turn your deeper understanding of dementia into a practical action such as:

  • getting in touch with  someone you know who lives with dementia
  • volunteering for an organisation that helps those with dementia
  • campaigning for change
  • wearing a badge and telling 5 friends about Dementia Friends

The action doesn’t have to be time consuming and all actions make a difference.

If you’d like to know more, please visit and if you’d like to book a space, you can do so at or by calling 01924 504900.


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