Easing the pain of long-term health conditions

A new service is helping local people learn how to ease the pain of long-term health conditions and live better everyday lives.

The Community Pain Service helps patients in North Kirklees to develop skills and techniques for managing their pain and to minimise the need for strong painkilling drugs or injections.

Treatment involves individual plans tailored to each patient’s needs. It may include one-to-one appointments, group or online Pain Management Programmes and a review of their medication.

The Community Pain Service team is made up of trained healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, nurses, doctors, health psychologists, well-being practitioners and health trainers.

They work together to support patients in understanding their pain and identifying physical, emotional and social barriers to their rehabilitation.

Richard Couch, of Pain Management Solutions, the organisation running the service, said, “The aim is to help patients find the best way to achieve lasting change in the pain they experience, to be able to manage their pain on a continuing basis and to cope with flare-ups in their condition.

“Experience shows that what patients learn from our service helps them lead better lives and rely much less on strong drugs to manage their pain.”

The service is available for all long-term conditions that cause pain except cancer, which is dealt with differently.

All local GPs can refer patients who might benefit to the Community Pain Service, which has been commissioned by North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group, the body that chooses and pays for many local health services.

Patients should be able to get a first appointment with the Community Pain Service within four weeks of being referred by their GP.

The Service is available through four centres in North Kirklees: Batley Resource Centre, Mirfield Health Centre, Cleckheaton Health Centre and Healds Road Surgery, Dewsbury.  Other centres may be offered once the new service, which started in January 2015, is more established.

Dr David Kelly, a Heckmondwike GP and chair of North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group, said, “As well as supporting patients directly, the new Community Pain Service is working with other local health professionals at GP surgeries and with the hospital-based pain service to improve the overall care for people experiencing long-term pain.

“The new service makes the best possible use of resources and will help many patients currently struggling from day to day with pain to be more in control of their conditions and to lead much better lives.”

For further information call 01924 504900.

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