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What is a personal health budget?

A personal health budget (PHB) is an amount of money that is spent to meet the healthcare and wellbeing needs of patients, generally those with a long term illness or disability. It is supported by a care plan which sets out what the health needs/outcomes are, the amount of money in the budget and how this is going to be used.

Personal health budgets are not new money – they are a way of using NHS money differently, is this is something that the patient wants, and where it is clinically safe. No one has to have a personal heath budget if they don’t want one.

Personal health budgets can be implemented in different ways. Individuals may receive a direct payment equal to the agreed budget, which they use to purchase services themselves. Or the budget may be managed by statutory services or a voluntary sector broker, who purchase the services agreed on behalf of the budget holder. 

Who can have one?

The Government said that anyone who is eligible for ‘NHS continuing healthcare’ had the ‘right to have’ a personal health budget from April 2014. A small number of people, with complex long term health have ‘continuing healthcare’ funding.

The Government has also said that clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) can introduce personal health budgets for other people, those with long term mental or physical health conditions.

What do the CCG need to do?

NHS North Kirklees CCG (NKCCG) wanted to find out how you felt extending PHB in the Kirklees area could help and support you to better meet your health outcomes. The closing date for the survey was Monday 7 March 2016.

We will use the information you provided to develop our local offer for PHB, but this is a scoping exercise and we cannot guarantee that PHB is developed in all areas of healthcare. Further information regarding how we are offering PHB will be publicised in our local offer, which will be developed by April 2016.

For further information regarding Personal health budgets please see: http://www.nhs.uk/personalhealthbudgets

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