Kirklees senior health leaders say thank you ahead of NHS anniversary

Senior health leaders from Greater Huddersfield CCG and North Kirklees CCG have thanked local health care workers as part of marking the 72nd anniversary of the NHS and social care.

COVID-19 has created a number of challenges for health and social care staff, including new demands and a need to adapt quickly to deliver services and maintain a high standard of patient care, whilst dealing with the effects of a global pandemic.

Within Kirklees, GP practices and CCG staff have dealt with unprecedented changes and challenging conditions with commitment, passion and patience. As part of the NHS anniversary this weekend senior leaders have put the focus on their efforts by thanking their colleagues directly for all their hard work.

Carol McKenna, Chief Officer, NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG and NHS North Kirklees CCG, said: “This weekend, I’ll be reflecting on the hard work undertaken by CCG and local practice staff for adapting to changes with amazing speed, whilst ensuring Kirklees residents can still access the services they need.”

Dr Khalid Naeem, Clinical Lead for NHS North Kirklees CCG said “CCG staff and local GP practices have gone above and beyond the usual call of duty, keeping calm, providing clarity to patients, putting others first before themselves.”

Dr Steve Ollerton, Clinical Lead for NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG added “We do not underestimate the challenges everyone has faced and remain grateful for their passion and the commitment they are giving to the people of Kirklees as we continue to tackle COVID-19 together.”

Staff across both CCGs and practices will also take a moment this weekend to reflect on the help and support of keyworkers and local people who have adapted to changes in their lives to help protect the NHS and their communities.

The commitment, courage and sacrifice shown by so many will be recognised over the weekend nationally. Landmarks will be illuminated blue and the whole country is invited to join others in their street or neighbourhoods to say ‘thank you together’ on Sunday 5 July, the date the NHS was founded, for a collective round of applause.

Further information about how people can get involved with commemorating the NHS birthday is available at

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