New clinic to meet demand for care closer to home

Extra lymphoedema clinics have been set up at the Rosewood Centre at Dewsbury and District Hospital to meet demand – a huge success for one of first ‘care closer to home’ services established by NHS North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Groups.

NHS North Kirklees CCG has quadrupled local capacity to four days a month because lymphoedema patients – many of them in remission from cancer – want to access services locally. Until the clinics were established at Rosewood, patients would have needed to travel to Pontefract for treatment.   The CCG was aware that many people who needed help and support with their condition were simply not willing, or able, to travel that far.
“The lymphoedema service at the Rosewood Centre has been overwhelmed by the number of patients coming forward for help to manage their condition. Waiting lists for assessment appointments were extending out to months, so I’m pleased that we’ve been able to arrange extra weekly clinics. This creates the capacity we need to manage existing and anticipated demand from local patients,” said Dr David Kelly, Chair of NHS North Kirklees CCG.

The Rosewood Palliative Day Support and Therapy Centre helps people with life limiting illness and their carers adjust to the physical limitations caused by their illness and offers support for any social and psychological problems.

The service includes specialist nursing and medical advice, complementary therapy, art therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, spiritual and chaplaincy support and psychological support.

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