Speak up for patient safety

On world patient safety day (17 September), the CCGs in Kirklees are joining healthcare workers, policy makers and researchers across the world to speak up for patient safety.

We are part of a Learning Forum, hosted by NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG, for local hospitals, the ambulance service and providers of community and mental health services across West Yorkshire and Harrogate to come together and share the learning from serious incidents which is likely to help other organisations prevent harm to patients, staff or the public.

In the last year the group has learnt how one hospital has reduced falls that cause harm by 62% through a number of quality methods including safety huddles and sharing learning through ward teams.

The group has also developed a patient and family support role for provider organisations to use when a serious incident occurs and methods to support health care workers through traumatic events.

Penny Woodhead, Chief Quality and Nursing Officer for Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees CCG said: “Patient safety is about maximising the things that go right and minimising the things that go wrong. We are committed to continuously improving patient safety. Learning from others, listening to patients and working together with our health and care partners is essential to delivering quality in healthcare.”

The Learning Forum has been running for four years and was highlighted by NHS Resolution, the organisation who share learning with the NHS to improve safety, as an example of good practice last year.

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