Tell us what you think about intermediate care

NHS North Kirklees and NHS Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are working with Kirklees Council to improve local intermediate care services.

Intermediate care services, sometimes referred to as re-ablement services, provide anyone aged 18 or over with personal care and help with daily activities and other practical tasks for a short period of time, usually for up to six weeks. The services are provided by a team of health and social care professionals such as nurses, care staff and therapists.

Dr Steve Ollerton, Chair of NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG and local GP said:

“For many people, their health or care needs can be safely managed in their own homes, whether that’s a private home or a residential or care home. When it’s not appropriate to care for someone at home then services can be provided in a community hospital or care home setting.”

Intermediate care is part of the Better Care Fund programme which seeks to join up health and care services so that people can manage their own health and wellbeing, and live independently for as long as possible. People usually access intermediate care services for three main reasons:

  • to avoid having to go to hospital, or be admitted to hospital, unnecessarily;
  • to help them be as independent as possible after a stay in hospital; or
  • to prevent them having to move into a residential or care home until they really need to.

Dr David Kelly, Chair of NHS North Kirklees CCG and local GP said:

“The knock-on effect of having good intermediate care is the reduction in the number of emergency admissions to hospital, and lengths of stay in hospital by ensuring that the necessary after care, support or accommodation that a patient may require is available.”

To help develop local intermediate care and move it forward, the CCGs and the council are asking patients across Kirklees what they think about the service and how it can be made even better. The aim is to achieve the best possible intermediate care that is effective, accessible and affordable to ensure there is a sustainable service for the years to come.

Councillor Cathy Scott, Kirklees Cabinet Member for Adults and Independence, said:

“We’d like to hear your views about intermediate care in Kirklees to help us improve the service, and plan for the future. If you have recent experience of intermediate care, please tell us what you think by taking a few minutes to complete a short survey. Your feedback will help support improvements that effectively balance the needs of all.”

The survey can be accessed online at:      If you would prefer to complete a paper copy of the survey, or if you’d like it in a different format (such as large print) please telephone Amanjot Aujla on: 01924 504938 or email The final day for completion of the surveys is 19 August 2018.


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