West Yorkshire and Harrogate draft STP published

The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) will be delivered by local health and care organisations working together across the region to support changes needed to improve services for the 2.6 million people who live here.

STP partners will continue to work with staff, stakeholders and the public to build the plan, ensuring the involvement of everyone in future conversations around the draft proposals.

Pockets of deprivation and affluence across the area means where you live can determine your life chances.  The draft STP aims to address this health and wellbeing gap with a focus on supporting people to live longer, healthier lives, and ensuring a good and equitable service for all, no matter where you live.

The draft proposals also stress the importance of improving people’s health, through better coordination of services, whilst improving the quality of care received.

An ageing population and people living longer with complex health and social care needs means demand is increasing faster than resources. The draft STP offers an initial view of how local and regional services can be improved, what this means for the health of people locally and how we will need to collaborate to balance the books.

Rory Deighton, Director of Healthwatch Kirklees said ‘Healthwatch recognises the financial challenges we face in the next 5 years, and the pressure on the health and social care system. We are committed to making sure that the voices of people, including patients and carers, in our communities are properly represented and listened to’.

Rob Webster, West Yorkshire and Harrogate STP Lead, and Chief Executive of South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said ‘the draft STP is a great chance to work on a longer term plan that covers all services together. This is the only way we can start to improve care, meet local needs and manage our finances.

The draft STP builds on local plans that have been developed in each of the six local areas we cover. They attempt to tackle long standing issues and improve care. They look at prevention, better coordinated services, preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and supporting people to stay well. These issues are important to us all.

We also need to do all we can to harness the innovation in West Yorkshire and Harrogate, with pockets of great work across the area being standardised and shared’.

Rob goes on to say ‘the draft STP is already informed by significant engagement in local plans, as set out in our document on engagement published today. It is not set in stone and we will be engaging with staff and the public in the planning and design of the proposals as they progress and we are calling for people to get involved.’

Dr Gordon Sinclair, Chair of the Collaborative Forum, which is made up of representatives from the area’s 11 Clinical Commissioning Groups said ‘realistic improvements are only achievable if we work together. This means patients, the public, carers, staff, GPs, hospitals, councils, the voluntary sector, commissioners and Healthwatch coming together to improve local services. We are developing our local plans around how we will engage and consult with people to make sure their views feed into the future planning processes.

With a focus on improving people’s health, one of the areas being looked at is cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Dr Andy Withers, Chair of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Clinical Forum said ‘we have significantly worse rates than other parts of England for CVD, which are conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels which causes damage to the brain, heart, kidneys and eyes. It can often be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and intensive treatment of risk factors which we are developing plans to deliver. In addition we will be looking at how quickly people receive treatment and are seen by specialist staff for unexpected illness such as stroke and we will be asking for people’s views on this over the coming months’.

Mike Doyle, Chair of the Suicide Prevention Group for Mental Health Services explains ‘the draft STP has given us the opportunity to further develop a shared model of care that will ensure everyone with mental health concerns receive the same quality of care as those with a physical illness or a disability. For the first time we can approach the task of suicide prevention in a true multi-agency partnership across the region’.

For a copy of the draft plan, summary and engagement report, click here.


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