Non-Drug Policies

Cold Chain Policy For Vaccines

Vaccines are both sensitive biological substances and Prescription-Only- Medicines (POMs). The ‘Green Book’, chapter 3, outlines:

  • storage requirements for vaccines
  • ways of obtaining centrally purchased vaccines
  • restrictions on the use of centrally purchased vaccines
  • recommendations for stock management
  • handling spillages, and
  • safe disposal of expired or damaged vaccines.

Managing Individual Funding Requests

This policy outlines NHS North Kirklees CCG process for managing individual funding requests.  The vast majority of health care commissioned by the CCG is covered by NHS Service Level Agreements or other contracts.  However, there are a small number of requests for treatment by individual patients each year not covered by either of these.

Commissioning Policy for Individual Funding Requests

Pharmaceutical and Related Industries Joint Working Policy

This policy outlines the CCGs principles and processes for joint working initiatives between NHS North Kirklees CCG and the pharmaceutical and related industries.

Joint Working Policy

Prescribing Policies

This section contains general prescribing policies for individual medicines or groups of medicines.

Prescription lengths policy

Principles of Prescribing Brands

Homely Remedies

Guidance about ‘Homely Remedies’ in care homes can be found here:

Care homes and Homely Remedies – PrescQIPP fact sheet

NICE Pathways – Care home staff administering medicines