Care closer to home


Care closer to home is a flagship programme designed to deliver integrated, community-based healthcare services which support people to stay healthy and live independently for longer.

It aims to deliver much more care in the community, either in patients’ homes or close to where they live and work. For example, in local GP surgeries or health centres.  Improving community-based services will reduce the need for some people to have a stay in hospital.   For those who do need hospital care, our plans will ensure there is more support available locally so they can return to their home as quickly as possible.

Care closer to home includes services for both adults and children who have identified health needs. For example, people with disabilities and long-term conditions, those in vulnerable groups, and those with palliative and end of life care needs.

Here are some examples of what care closer to home means for patients in North Kirklees:

  • Community services available for longer during the evening and weekends
  • A single care record, so people only have to tell their story once
  • Greater use of technology to provide patients with faster access to support and consultations
  • A single phone number for patients, giving access to a range of community services  24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Integrated community teams of teams of  nurses, therapists, social care and mental health professionals
  • Helping patients to manage their own long-term conditions and increase their independence
  • Community diabetes service in GP practices, health centres and people’s own homes
  • Community-based renal outpatient service
  • A range of community-based schemes are reducing the need for a hospital admission and supporting patient discharge
  • Seven day access to palliative care beds and a 24 hour helpline
  • Heart monitoring (ECG)  available in GP practices
  • Community-based dermatology service

The care closer to home programme is closely linked to and supports other CCG priorities, particularly the transformation of local hospital services.  You can find more information about plans for local hospital services at