Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

Advice for GP practices in implementing the national immunisation schedule

The complete immunisation schedule from summer 2015 can be found here

Health Protection Agency advice on Vaccination of Individuals with Uncertain or Incomplete Immunisation Status can be found here.

Details of what legally needs to be in a PSD and recommendations for how to write a PSD for GP practices can be found here.

A sample paper PSD for local amendment is available  here.

Full advice on immunisations can be found at

Information about travel health information can be found on


These documents allow some healthcare practitioners to supply or administer medicines without the need to get a prescription or patient specific direction.

For more information on Patient Group Directions see

This leaflet provides information for healthcare professionals on  how to use PGDs: Patient Group Directions – Guidance and Information for Health Care Professionals

NHS England PGDs

PGDs to support GP practices with the national immunisation programme and NHS funded travel vaccinations (e.g. hepatitis A) that have been developed and signed off by NHS England and can be found here