Personal health budgets

What is a personal health budget?

A Personal health Budget (PHB) is an amount of money that is spent to meet the health care and wellbeing needs of patients, generally those with a long term illness or disability. It is supported by a care plan which clearly sets out what the health needs/outcomes are, the amount of money in the budget and how this is going to be used. PHB is used to offer individuals choice, flexibility and control over their care, treatment and support.

Personal health budgets can be implemented in different ways. Individuals may receive a direct payment equal to the agreed budget, which they use to purchase services themselves. Or the budget may be managed by statutory services or a voluntary sector broker, who purchase and manage the services agreed on behalf of the budget holder.

Personal Health budgets are not new money – they are a way of using NHS money differently, if this is something that the patient wants and where it is clinically safe. No one has to have a personal health budget if they don’t want one.

Who can currently get a personal health budget (including which patient groups this relates to and any specific eligibility criteria)?

Personal health budgets (PHB) which offer choice and inform patients of all services available to them are part of the standard care offer for children and adults receiving continuing healthcare in North Kirklees.

Specific expectations of an expanded offer in 2016/17

Learning Disabilities – the 2015/16 NHS planning guidance highlighted the expectation of CCGs to rapidly expand their offer and delivery of personal health budgets to include people with learning disabilities by April 2016. This is either via a stand-alone personal health budget or an integrated personal budget across health and social care. As part of the Transforming Care programme the CCG is working closely with the Local Authority to expand the offer of a PHB to adults.

Children’s Services – in order to improve the lives of children with special educational needs, the planning guidance is clear that CCGs are also expected to continue to work alongside Local Authorities and schools on the implementation of integrated education, health and care plans, and to expand the offer of PHBs beyond continuing care, to Learning Disabilities and to children with significant health needs, in line with the Children and Families Act 2014 and the Bubb Report, 2015

Proposed expansion to current offer as of 1st April 2016:

  • Adults with Learning Disabilities living in/out of area placements to be offered a PHB. This will continue to be delivered within the current NHS Continuing Health Care function to those eligible.
  • Continue to provide a PHB to people who become joint funded with the local authority after a change in need means that they are no longer eligible for full funded NHS Continuing Health care.

Proposed expansion to current offer beyond 1st April 2016 (dependent on the level of need locally):

  • Children with an Education, Health & Care Plan
  • People with a mental health need who are under a section 117 of the Mental Health Act
  • Consider the roll out of personal health budgets for women accessing maternity services to ensure we are maximising the ability to offer choice locally
  • People with long term conditions
  • Proposed investment in the voluntary sector to provide an advocacy role in the development of PHBs for children

Putting our local offer into action over the next 6-9 months

  • We update the CCG website and ensure it includes contact details where people can get information from and which will be available to view in a timely way.
  • We will build on the engagement we have already undertaken to continue to work with people, carers and partners in developing our offer to the patient groups above. We plan to do this through specific target groups e.g. user led organisations, patient support groups, Health Watch.
  • We will work with providers to ensure they are supporting the personalisation agenda
  • We will link with neighbouring commissioning organisations to ensure our local offers are joined up

Personal health budget development intentions over the next 5 years

In line with national guidance, NHS North Kirklees CCG is proposing a five year plan of further development. We plan to work with providers on developing personalised approaches.

Which organisations are involved in delivering personal health budgets locally?

NHS North Kirklees CCG will continue to work in partnership with stakeholders, for example; service users, Health watch, NHS and other providers, local authorities and third sector organisations, to identify where personal health budgets would be most beneficial for our diverse local population

How can professionals and the public find out more information?

Further information is available on the following websites:

Watch Jonathan’s story here.

An Introduction to Personal Health Budgets video.

The NHS website

NHS England PHB website

Upon request PHB information in different formats are available

How can people apply for a personal health budget?

A PHB is not open to all patient groups. You can apply for a PHB in a number of different ways. All applications will be assessed on an individual basis and will be eligible on need and criteria.

Contact details to apply and for an initial discussion  are:

By Post: NHS North Kirklees CCG, 4th Floor, Empire House, Wakefield Old Road, Dewsbury, WF12 8DJ

By Email: