Smoking and BMI

Since July 2015, the Kirklees CCGs have been talking to local people, voluntary and community sector organisations and key stakeholders about local funding priorities.

This has included discussions at engagement events, with Patient Reference Group Networks, NHS Challenge commissioning game sessions and through online polling.

Through these discussions you have told us that:

  • Patients should not be refused treatment because of lifestyle choices, unless this impacts on the success of their treatment
  • The cost and effectiveness of medicines and treatments should be taken into account when making decisions
  • You want consistency in funding decisions across Kirklees to avoid a ‘postcode lottery’
  • We could save NHS money by educating people about how to prevent ill health, manage their own health conditions and use health services appropriately.

To understand what the public thought about the recent developments in other areas, the CCGs in Kirklees worked with Healthwatch Kirklees. Surveys were designed to gain feedback from patients about their views on non-emergency operations for people that smoke or have a high BMI. These were shared via Healthwatch Kirklees communication channels. Healthwatch Kirklees also used Facebook, Instagram and third party website advertising to promote the surveys.

The findings from this engagement are published in this report.