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GPs ‘going the extra mile’ to treat North Kirklees patients

North Kirklees GP practices going the extra mile to serve their patients have been thanked and congratulated by CCG Chair Dr David Kelly.

At the meeting of the governing body in public on 29 January, attendees heard that GPs and receptionists in various locations across North Kirklees had been offering extra appointments and telephone advice at various times during evenings and weekends between December 27 2013 and 2 January 2014.

Across the patch, 10 practices offered a total of 700 extra appointments during the festive season. In addition, 10 practices have also signed-up to providing services during extended hours between 1 January and 31 March. This will mean an extra 175 consultations will be available every week which can be either pre-booked or attended in urgent cases with an appointment booked on the day.

These appointments are being offered at various times during evenings and weekends and cover a patient population of 38,000.

Dr Kelly said: “I want to extend the thanks and congratulations of the governing body to the GPs and their receptionists who have been going the extra mile to ensure patients get the treatment they need.

“This is admirable when practices are very stretched and shows great commitment to patients. I am also pleased that some practices are taking up the extended hours challenge through to 31 March and would encourage as many others as possible to join this worthwhile initiative.”

Those practices which are offering extra appointments are putting details of revised opening times on their individual practice websites.

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