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That was then, this is now

The NHS has been rocked to its core by the detail of the Francis Report. Clearly as commissioners there is a major role for us in making sure health care providers in our area are delivering quality services. There is a lot to learn and we must be sure that what we decide to do in future to drive quality will definitely deliver the level of service and health improvements we believe patients have a right to expect.

It’s crucially important that we get this right, so we will carefully digest the lengthy Francis Report and our response will be considered at a future Governing Body meeting.

Speaking of Governing Body meetings – we will be meeting in public for the first time on February 27 at Cleckheaton Town Hall. This is an opportunity for anyone who’s interested in our role as local NHS service commissioners to see us in action and listen to our debates. It’s a meeting in public rather than a public meeting (where members of the audience are part of the discussions) but we’re happy to take questions at the start of the meeting and again at the end time permitting.

If you want to ask a question you could email us beforehand so we can give you a full reply at the meeting (send emails to nhsnkccg.nhs.uk). If you’d prefer to ask your question on the day, that’s fine too, but if we can’t give you a full answer there and then, we’ll note your question and respond directly after the meeting.

Finally there are some really exciting new service developments about to happen across North Kirklees including a new local lymphoedema clinic service. A three month review of early supported discharge for stroke patients has returned really positive results and we’re getting good feedback from training we’ve supported for communication in palliative care and infection control.

What’s particularly pleasing for me is that all of these have involved working with other healthcare providers as partners to deliver real improvements for patients and the professionals working with them. This is the shape of things to come in the NHS and should give us all confidence for the future.

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