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North Kirklees CCG gets ringing endorsement from stakeholders

The results of a nationwide survey show that North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is amongst the country’s top performers according to a wide range of its key stakeholders.

The report from NHS England is the outcome of a 360 degrees appraisal process carried out by stakeholders of CCGs across England.  Stakeholders involved included GP practices, other local CCGs, local authority Health and Wellbeing Boards, NHS Trusts, local councils, Healthwatch and other patient representative groups.

Stakeholders rated their local CCGs through a series of questions covering:

  • Engagement and listening to views
  • Acting on suggestions and working relationships
  • Commissioning decisions
  • Commissioning decisions and leaderships
  • Overall leadership
  • Overall leadership and clinical quality
  • Clinical leadership and quality of service
  • Quality of services and plans and priorities
  • Plans and priorities
  • Wider contribution

The results for North Kirklees were outstanding with higher scores recorded in many areas compared with a similar exercise undertaken during 2012/13 when CCGs were working in shadow form.  In almost all cases, out of the 25 detailed questions asked of stakeholders, North Kirklees CCG received a more positive assessment than other CCGs nationwide.

For example, 88% of stakeholders said they understood the reasons for CCG decisions about commissioning health services compared with a national average of 64% (24% better).  Some 88% of respondents said they had confidence in the CCG to commissioning high quality services for local people compared with a national average of 68% (20% better) and 88% said they were confident in the clinical leadership of the CCG to deliver its plans and priorities compared with 68% nationwide (20% better).

Other areas where the CCG scored well above the national average were the CCG leadership delivering continuous improvement in quality, engaging with and involving the right people and organisations when making decisions and taking stakeholders’ views on board when planning and commissioning services.

The CCG was at the national average of 73% for working relationships but scored above the national average in all other categories.

CCG Chair Dr David Kelly said:  “These results are extremely encouraging.  We place a very strong emphasis on engaging with and involving patients, local residents and other stakeholders when we plan and commission health services for the people of North Kirklees and this survey shows that effort is paying off.

“We are still a relatively new organisation, having come into existence only just over a year ago, so there is still more work to do on improving our performance across the board.  However, as far as our key stakeholders are concerned we have a strong platform to build on.”

The full and summary 360 degrees appraisal reports are here.

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Survey to help improve services

Health and social care services for people in Kirklees are provided by a number of different organisations. Health services are bought on behalf of local people by NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups. NHS Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees are reviewing these services and looking at what will be needed in the future.

We want to ensure that all services are joined-up and effective. Our aim is to make sure people who need healthcare or support will get the right care in the right place at the right time, first time, provided by staff with the skills to meet their needs.


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