Transforming general practice

Our vision is to create excellent general practice within North Kirklees that will provide high quality and choice for patients and attract the most talented and experienced healthcare professionals to the area. If we are to deliver as much care as possible out of hospital, closer to or in patients’ homes, we must equip our general practices (GPs) to provide the modern, responsive and integrated services people need. This means increasing the range of diagnosis and treatment available within GP practices as well as improving access, through for example, extended hours. We have also put in place a programme of training and education and are working with GPs to encourage and support innovation. Key elements of our strategy for primary care include:

  • Delivering better, more accessible services, seven days a week
  • Ensuring all practices provide the same high quality of service
  • Using technology to improve patient experience and efficiency
  • Improving community support for patients with long-term conditions
  • Encouraging greater self-care
  • Supporting practices to be innovative and work more closely together