What are the CCGs already doing to reduce NHS spending?

We’re using national data to help identify areas where we could make further improvements in quality at the same time as getting the maximum health benefit for the people of Kirklees from the money we spend.    Money that is saved through changes like this can be spent on things that have more of an impact on people’s health.

  • We’ve put in place an integrated community service to provide better support for those with long-term conditions, support them to manage their own illnesses, and avoid a hospital stay
  • We’re redesigning services to ensure people get more care close to home
  • We are working to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and get people out of hospital more quickly
  • We’re striving to reduce the amount spent on some medicines, e.g. by discouraging unnecessary use of antibiotics and reducing the number of prescriptions for paracetamol and other widely available products
  • We’ve reviewed the packages of care people receive at home to ensure a sustainable approach
  • We’re working to make sure that people with mental health needs receive more care closer to home and have fewer hospital admissions
  • Increasingly, our staff are working across two or more organisations, which is helping to reduce management costs.